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Negotiating skills are one of the key essentials to personal, entrepreneurial and business success. A skillful negotiation of a lease, an equipment purchase, or a significant customer or client contract can mean the difference between profit and loss. Everyone negotiates.   You will negotiate...the question is: will you succeed?

To deal with the maze of pitfalls and misdirections you are certain to meet, you will need a clear strategic understanding of negotiating. A.C. Kellogg, an experienced attorney who has decades of experience in negotiating agreements, from dispute resolutions to long term joint ventures, has worked for a leading international airline, a major international hotel chain, and two of the largest international financial institutions. He has compiled the underlying strategic principles governing negotiations of all types in his book, 8 Keys to Win the Negotiating Challenge.   The book is currently available on Amazon.com for download to your Amazon Kindle, tablet, or PC.  On this site you can download the 8 Keys to Win the Negotiating Challenge Workbook.  This 8 Keys Workbook is a valuable tool to guide you in applying the 8 Keys in each negotiation.