You are a negotiator. You have been one in the past and will be one in the future. But have you ever had the feeling you got the short end of the stick?

You will negotiate. The only question is: will you be successful?

Knowing you will negotiate -- personal purchases, family matters, sales, acquisitions, and disputes -- ask yourself...


Think about it. If your answer is "No," or "I'm not sure," don't worry. Applying the lessons in my book, 8 Keys to Win the Negotiating Challenge, will provide the simple keys to powerful results in your negotiations.

In this compact and easy-to-master book, available on Amazon.com for download onto a Kindle device, PC, or tablet computer, you will learn the PREP / MEET System. It is the system that guides you...

In preparation for a negotiation:
Power - how to identify yours and your counterparty's
Recourse - how to develop and secure your best alternative
Exposition - how to develop a "version of reality" that reinforces your demands
Project (verb) - how to properly construct your starting bid or offer, calculate how the counterparty may respond, and plane the path to your success

At the "negotiating table":
Moderate (verb) - how to take command and establish the negotiating parameters
Establish Gravitas - how to lend weight to your demands and offers
Elicit Information - how to answer the critical questions about the counterparty's options
Trade - how to use "bracket analysis," "linked concessions," and closing techniques to nail your win

Whether you're a manager looking to give his employees the upper hand in their dealings with business partners, or an individual who wants a concise guide to success in personal negotations, 8 Keys to Win the Negotiating Challenge gives you the advantage you seek.  (For more, click "Individiuals"  or "Businesses" above.)


Download 8 Keys to Win the Negotiating Challenge from Amazon.com for reading on your Kindle.  If you do not have a Kindle, download Kindle software now at no cost and read the book on your tablet or PC!  You can start preparing for your upcoming negotiation in minutes.


ALSO, the 8 Keys to Win the Negotiating Challenge workbook can be downloaded directly from this site by clicking on the link below.  This valuable workbook prompts you in preparing for your negotiation.  It will be there to remind you of parameters and strategy you set using the 8 Keys, and track progress.  Once downloaded, you can print new workbook pages for each of your negotiations, staying on top of each.   And now you can keep your notes directly on your tablet or PC, using the latest (free) version of Adobe Acrobat.

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